The Fab Librarian

Laquanda M. Fields (Ms. L)

Librarian | Bookworm | Fashion Feminist 

Hi! I'm Ms. L, the Fab Librarian!

I'm a fashion-forward bookworm, living my childhood dream of becoming a librarian! When I think about the impact that my neighborhood library had on me as a child, and the support that my college library provided me as a college student, I’m reminded of how important library access and librarians are to a community–and community is important to me. 

For many people (me included) libraries and librarians are a community resource that they can count on. As a child, I recognized this and that's why I wanted to be a librarian. The library was my safe space. The librarians were the protectors of that space and they always made me feel like I belonged–even when it seemed like I didn't belong anywhere. Today, I am becoming the librarian that my younger self would be proud of–a community-focused, innovator and educator.

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