AI for Teachers

Are you a new Library Media Specialist? Do you need help writing lesson plans? may be the solution for you. is AI (artificial intelligence), specifically for teachers!

An excellent resource that optimizes teachers (and school librarians) time, MagicSchool can be used for many things, like writing lesson plans to assignments and quizzes. While it is not meant to replace all aspects of teachers' administrative tasks, MagicSchool is an innovative teaching aid that can easily be integrated into daily work. When entering prompts, using curriculum standards ensures that content is specific to the grade-level and subject that you are teaching.

A few additional thoughts...

Cost has two account options: MagicSchool Free & MagicSchool Plus. The free account is sufficient for most tools, but what the plus account offers is well worth the price of $99.96 per year. If your district is willing to purchase licenses for an AI platform, MagicSchool should be your first choice!

Ease of Use
It can take a little bit to get use to navigating through the site, but once you become comfortable, it is a seamless integration. 

Overall, I recommend to teachers AND school librarians! Have you used this tool before? Let me know what you think! 

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