The Fab Librarian

Laquanda M. Fields (Ms. L)

Librarian | Bookworm | Fashion Feminist

Hi! I'm Ms. L, the Fab Librarian! Here's my story:

I'm a fashion-forward bookworm, living my childhood dream of becoming a librarian! When I think about the impact that my neighborhood library had on me as a child, and the support that my college library provided me as a college student, I’m reminded of how important library access and librarians are to a community–and community is important to me. The library has always been my refuge.

In fact, many of my earliest childhood memories involve the library. My weekly visits to the library were sacred. Being the oldest of four children, it was the only thing I could call my own; the only place where I felt like I belonged.

The librarians from my neighborhood library helped me discover new worlds, while my college librarians helped me succeed in the academic world. They helped me conduct research and write papers but more importantly, they helped me balance my duties as a mother and student, providing my daughters with a safe environment as I worked–even keeping them entertained during my group project meetings.

For many people (me included) libraries and librarians are a community resource that they can count on. As a child, I recognized this and that's why I wanted to be a librarian. The library was my safe space. The librarians were the protectors of that space and they always made me feel like I belonged–even when it seemed like I didn't belong anywhere. Today, I am becoming the librarian that my younger self would be proud of–a community-focused, innovator and educator.

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